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The Hurdle Range has been designed to offer unlimited options for longer/larger tables, with the Hurdle Leg designed to be endlessly extendable.

Hurdle bases are available in standard widths (700mm, 1000mm and 1200mm) to suit tables up to 1600mm wide, and can support tables of endless length! As tables become longer, we simply add an extra leg set and rails to extend the base. 

If your table is larger than the 1600mm width, we can easily create a custom version of Hurdle to suit, meaning Hurdle can essentially support any sized table top. Add this to the fact that we can make these bases at any height, Hurdle is the ultimate in flexible boardroom or meeting room solutions.

Hurdle has also been designed to ensure clearance right down the centre of the table top, to allow for any power & data boxes need to avoid the table base!

Available in Powdercoat and Bright & Satin Chrome finishes, the Teepee Range is a great, flexible option for your next fitout.

Click here for more information, or contact Greg directly with any queries.

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