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Tomako's Environmental Policy

Tomako has shown a commitment over many years to develop and maintain a sustainable business in every sense of the word. A major part of this is our commitment to reducing our impact on the world around us.

Tomako’s ongoing commitment places a focus on the environment from procurement of raw materials right through to the packaging we use, and how it’s disposed of when our product is unwrapped on site.

Below is a copy of Tomako’s Environmental Policy, along with our Product Stewardship Program. If you would like more information on any aspect of Tomako’s Environmental committments, please click here to send us an email, or give Greg a call on (03) 9794 7375.


ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY                                                                                    


Tomako is acutely aware of and accepts responsibility and accountability for the environmental impacts associated with the design, production and distribution of office furniture, including the environmental impacts of our staff, suppliers, contractors and customers, to the extent that Tomako can influence them.  

Tomako will focus on the responsible management and continuous improvement of all aspects of our operations that may have a significant environmental impact, including energy consumption, materials selection and consumption, waste management and water consumption.

Fundamental to this process is the commitment by Tomako and our staff to:

  • Prevention of pollution

  • Manage and minimise energy consumption

  • Manage and minimise materials consumption (including packaging), including at the design and planning stage

  • Manage and minimise emissions

  • Manage and minimise waste to landfill

  • Manage and minimise water consumption

  • Monitor and manage our legal obligations with respect to the environment

  • Ensure senior management continually review our actions for relevance, progress, targets, performance and continuous improvement

  • Ensure our staff, contractors, suppliers and customers are aware of our/their environmental obligations. For customers this is to be managed via Tomako’s Product Stewardship Policy.


Greg Norris

General Manager

Please click here to view a copy of Tomako's Environmental Policy. 



Tomako recognises that operating within the commercial furniture market includes a responsibility to properly manage the environmental impact associated with furniture production and delivery.


Tomako has several ranges that have been specifically designed and developed for delivery in Knock-Down format, thus providing simple disassembly for ease of recycling, repair or refurbishment to extend product life.


Not-withstanding this, Tomako has established a Product Stewardship Policy and Program to encourage customers to recycle or return for refurbishment or recycling at end of useful life as follows:




Tomako is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its business. To this end, Tomako has established a Product Stewardship Policy to deliver the following objectives:


  • To encourage clients to behave responsibly at end of use or end of product life.

  • To facilitate cost effective transfer to the second hand market where appropriate.

  •  To provide simple, cost effective means of segregation for recycling of component parts and to minimise shipping volumes for transport to recyclers (Knock-Down design).

  • To provide the opportunity for customers to return product to Tomako at end of useful life for re-use, refurbishment or recycling by Tomako.



  • By producing Knock-Down ranges of table bases, Tomako’s customers are encouraged to manage the end-of-life process themselves.

  • Where appropriate, Tomako commits to take back at end of life (or use), any product supplied by Tomako (table bases excluding table tops and reticulated services) for re-use, refurbishment or recycling, under the following conditions:




If the product is suitable for transfer to the second hand market, Tomako will advise the client of the approach with least environmental impact. This may mean transferring to the local second hand market, in which case Tomako will advise the client of suitable second hand channels in their state.




If the best environmental solution is to refurbish the table bases for re-use, Tomako will arrange collection and return to Tomako, at client’s expense. The refurbished product will then be available to the client to re-use themselves or transfer to the second hand market. Tomako will assist the client in this process.




If recycling is the best environmental outcome available, Tomako will advise the client of the recycling approach with least environmental impact. This may mean recycling locally, in which case Tomako will advise the client of suitable recyclers in their state.


Greg Norris

General Manager

Please click here to view a copy of Tomako's Product Stewardship Policy. 

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